We are one

Namaste friends

We are citizens of the spirit world and citizens of the physical world simultaneously.

Man made things, technology and science develop with the evolution of man, hand to hand.

What does it mean?
Everything we can make outside of ourselves is mirroring the ability that actually exists inside.

We hear a lot about the 5G lately.

Let’s follow the language we are speaking.

Cellular – refers to a cell
You are made of cells. You are a cell of something bigger.
Your phone Is a cell connected to something bigger.

Internet – Inter (hidden) Net of cells.
This is how we are connected, in the inter-Net.
Outside you can’t see it but you can feel it.
You know it.

Wireless – The electric waves that carry information.
We cannot see them, but they are there.
This is also happening when we pray, when we heal from distance or when we communicate from distance in telepathy.

G – generation
Generation refers to evolution.

So how is technology reflecting our inner evolution?

1G – Generation 1
Device that is able to receive and send out voice calls. The antenna must be near by.
Imagine a net web with no wires connected, every point on the Net only knows itself.
First generation.

2G – Generation 2
Device that can move anywhere. It can send text messages.
All wireless wires begin to connect and share.

3G – Generation 3
Device that is now connected to the Www- World Wide Web.
Wireless connection with the Inter-Net.

Big jump.
No one is alone.
All information is available.

4G – Generation 4
Device that is able to also send pictures and videos 10 times faster than before.
Sharing becomes wide.
Knowing is One.
At the moment, the waves are getting full – too much information.
The Net has to create more channels for all of the information.
Faster waves, shorter waves.

Inside our brain it is like that.
All minds are connected.

Knocking at the Door

5G – Generation 5
Device that is faster than any human and include more data than a human can contain at this stage of consciousness.
Therefore the device will be able to make decisions for the human.
It will have the ability to make the decision for you with the excuse of making it easier for you. Very attractive and addictive.
One will be able to be in one place and broadcast his image to someone else somewhere else.
2 images will meet.

We are already speaking this language. We just need to understand the deeper meaning of it.

Do you understand?

The danger is always to be addicted to the mirror, to be a slave to your reflection.
The mirror is only showing us where we are and what are our capabilities when we are connected.
Connection is not only in our physical territories but in our spiritual territories as well.
This jump in evolution is happening.
Where are we going to be, depends on One thing only.
Love is the Intelligence that speaks all languages, physical and spiritual.
The process from 1G to 5G is a development process that happens in human Consciousness.
Technology only reflects that.
Each technological generation tells us where we are.
The 5th gate is of the light.
Its station in the body is the third eye.
Don’t confuse this Light with your phone light.
The Light is coming as knowing, it is a form of information.
Light can blind you or Light can free you to see.
Prepare Your Eyes.
Open your heart and connect to the real Internet.
The thing is that nothing is New. Everything is there from the beginning of days. It is Human Consciousnesses that is undressing our eyes of all filters. We are One.