Self Love
2 days workshop
In Paros, Greece
June 18-19, 2022

This world could not be complete without you!

You are a precious piece of this world because you exist.

In the current life, you are living, you most likely struggle with making decisions and commitments.

What is the basis on which you make your decisions? Is it self-love or is it not?

Do you make your decisions based on things like principle, wanting approval, or symptom relief? 

Or Do you make your decisions based on your own personal truth and your own personal joy?

Self-love is one of the most important topics to be understood on the path of growing consciousness.

We all know by now, on some level, how important it is to love ourselves.

But we don’t really know what it means, because most of us were taught, directly or indirectly, that self-love is selfish and arrogant.

This is why sometimes Just thinking of making the commitment to prioritize how you feel first, triggers resistance and fear.

Self love is to recognize your own worth and then choose actions and thoughts which align with your highest good.

Self-love is, to be honest regarding your weaknesses and your strengths.

Self- love is not a destination but rather a state of being that is available to us every moment. 

Self love is the foundation that we want to lay first, and only then come the details of life.

Learn how to Express yourself freely and stay loving.

Practice being compassionate with the way you talk to yourself.

Experience how to Listen and be open to the feelings that your inner child is feeling.

Learn to define your boundaries to protect your heart and your mindset.

Allow yourself to play, sing, and laugh.

Give validation to yourself to Create simply for the sake of creating.

Self-love is the root you want to set, for all your relationships, accomplishments and well-being.

Saturday 9:00 /13:00


Sunday 9:00/13:00

Lunch together 


The workshop Includes nourishing yoga practice with Sharon 

Price: 250

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