Orly Doctori
- Ujallah

Orly Doctori is a woman, mother, therapist, teacher and founder of InLove School.


Orly is leading group processes, individual sessions and workshops all around the world, from New York, Berlin, India, Greece and Morocco. In 2014 she created the InLove school, offering various tools for mind, body and spirit work.

Orly’s journey started while leading a successful career in the music industry. at a point, she embarked on her spiritual journey, studying Jewish philosophy, Buddhist & Hindu thought, Chinese medicine, A course in Miracles and many more. Here is how she describes her path: 

‘My spirituality is not traditional although I have learned and still learning from the mystical hearts of the world’s ancient traditions. I’m deeply grateful for the wise teaching of many. I follow my own heart and listen to those who speak from their own. The tools I practice and share are those that came intuitively and resonate with me, challenge me and allow me to unfold.

I was born in a confused place on this spinning planet, where people were engaged in wars and hate over different agendas. I saw the denial of women and their sexuality. I saw fear. I saw ordinary sad lives. My heart was not at rest and had a profound drive to search for different information and experience. A meaning to life. I knew the extraordinary in my dreams, and my intention was to find a way to have it as reality.

I have studied the Bible, the New Testament, Upanishads, Buddhist Sutras, Chinese medicine, A Course in Miracles, Osho and many others, esoteric and alternative. At some point I dived into my own exploration and self expression.


My perspectives have changed. I started being my best generator for conscious living. My own authority. I am InLove .


Not that I’m not getting kicked by life. I am challenged and my limits are broken again and again. I’m learning myself and definitely it’s not always fun. I have ended what is usually called “good normal life” – career, relationships, lifestyle – and moved across the ocean, took risks. Scrubbed my internal, got  pretty ill and experienced healing. I have questioned everything possible.


I can say today that I have no doubt It Is Worth It.


My spirituality today is real and alive, active and not separated from my everyday life, sharing it with friends and companions for the way. I have tasted enough to know that it is the only way I want to live.


The tools and knowledge I offer are not the steps for everlasting bliss, but a way to actively look for your own answers. To take responsibility for your own well-being. To find your doorways to the divine, to own your uniqueness. To honor your gifts and to generously share them with the world.’