Intuition and Synchronicity

Human beings do you know who you are ?

Every human being has intuition. Information is broadcasted all the time . You need to open your radio. You are not opening the radio because you don’t know you can.
Some of us have it open.
It’s when it feels good, and it feels good because it is You!!!
Because you are right on.
What are the chances that this will happen to you?
To be lucky, in the right place at the right time.
That you meet someone who knows someone that has the information you are looking for.  Or You are thinking of someone and they call. You meet someone on the beach or in the supermarket and you start talking, finding out that you have a lot in common.
Here is a connection you didn’t expect leading to more connection with more people and here you start a job that you didn’t think of but is perfect for your needs. This is how your being is talking to you.

Humans see reality in a linear way, planning something and seeing only that as possible.
A to B and there is always a goal.

The being has a different way of seeing life than the human.
It is conceptual.
Everyone here is on a unique journey with a path of life.
Love is that intelligence that put you in synchronicity with everything that is.