War is over

Open your eyes, smile and be.
If you ask which war, look and see – there was only just one.

The forms were many; between couples, families, parents and kids, friends,
countries and different points of views.
They are all reflecting the inner war.
The conflicting inner voices, the blame, the shame and the guilt.

The war is over is a state consciousness, a state of awakening.
A state of maturity and acceptance.
A state of knowing that you don’t know, that there is more to life
than what you have been through.

You can’t know what is good or bad because you don’t know.
This is a state of being.

Now love. 
Dip everything in love energy and the flower is blooming.

Inlove Conscious is the key to open all pathways between all parts.
No part can be erased, ignored or rejected. The war is over is an ongoing
process. It starts when reaching a mature state of consciousness, when one
understands that I am the other you and everything is connected in

Now, starting to get to know all parts, some parts inside you or in the world are in pain from ignorance and feeling secluded.
Coming closer to these parts will uncover their fear, anger and violence.
Going closer will reach the sadness of being forgotten and the great wish to be included, recognized and appreciated.

The war is over is an amazing point that when reached becomes a
continuous present experience full of love.
Only love has the ability to heal by deeply understanding the nature of life and only love has the right words, touch and feel, at the right time and all the time.  Inlove Conscious is to win the only freedom we long for.
Peace is the freedom to love.