About Forgiveness

I thought I had already forgiven, why is it coming back again? ( Do you know this feeling?)
Forgiveness is one of the most important tools in approaching oneself.
Forgiveness is opening gates in wider points of view.
When Forgiveness is not understood it can be very frustrating.
Forgiveness is not a momentary action but an ongoing process.
Forgiveness is a process that goes on all your life.
One cannot look inside himself and escape to the conclusion that forgiveness is done.
What is hidden in us is slowly being revealed, a layer and another layer are opening up to the spiritual memory.

The discovery itself takes time.
Therefore, the processes of Forgiveness are lifelong processes.
Forgiveness takes us to the spiritual memory.
Spiritual memory is Consciousness.
Fear of anger makes it hard to get inside yourself.
Anger blocks the gate to consciousness.
Consciousness is the spiritual memory.
It is the Relationship with the Higher Self and source.
The memory contains knowledge and experience from other places and times.
As these thousands of parts connect, the path is revealed.

Any human being can complete the experiences that are missing from his soul.
We are on a journey of knowing the hidden in life.
The process of forgiveness awakens the memory.
When a human being starts to forgive himself, the memory will show him what makes him happy.

As you get closer to yourself the vision increases.
All senses open.
There are different priorities.
Consciousness stands before the eyes. Only love remains.
A sense of I am part of something much bigger than me.
I trust the way and forgive more deeply with each step.

Forgiveness is the ultimate freedom of the soul.
Forgiveness is love for all that lives.