Points of Light 

Why do we delay in our life-building processes?

In every process you enlighten your consciousness.
The change is bringing light into the process and Light is information.

You can simply take points of light to enlighten and awaken your consciousness.  

When there is no inner faith in the Higher Self, Great Spirit or God, there are doubts.
Doubts are fear-based imaginations and insecurities.
These imaginations hold thoughts.  

Anyone who is close to himself stays away from doubts.
Living away from yourself is living close to “others” and then, inner doubts and outer doubts are contagious.

So you want to check yourself daily.
And allow yourself to tap into the deepest silence within. 

An hour of silence a day helps clear the imagination.
An hour a day brings you closer to yourself.  

All conflicts are due to doubt, guilt and blame.  
So if your destination is a life of peace, daily work must be done.